The Ten Commandments of Business Success for Women

Reaching Your Goals with Integrity

Many people find civility is dead in our culture, and with it, the virtues of living a principled life. The standard in which most people live is based upon their own code of behavior, of right versus wrong, which is why the measuring line has become so blurred.

When we are tested or tempted, do we have the ability to determine the quality or genuineness of our decisions. Or do we just give in to our own justification of what we’ve seen others do? This book is about creating your own legacy of living a principled life. It will transform your thoughts to create a life worth living… a legacy for your children and future generations. By doing so, the success you have desired for your life will flow from the quality of life you have determined for yourself.

This book mirrors the Ten Commandments, but with new twists for the business woman and the mom at home in the 21st century. It will challenge and entice the reader to learn from Sharman’s personal mistakes and accomplishments and how she discovered that true success can only happen when we place God’s authentic truths as a priority in our lives.

A must read for every woman who wants to learn why focus and passion are essential to achieving their goals. This book is expected to be released in the Spring 2015.

No Other Agenda But Love

No Other Agenda But Love

How does God’s love for us fit into our personal success? And why is personal success such an unattainable goal for so many women?

Combining personal stories with a depth of understanding God’s truths, Sharman Dow takes readers on a journey of healing those areas in our lives that prevent us from experiencing full inner joy and God’s plan for a contented and successful life. Her powerful message of deliverance forces us to look at ourselves in a new light—in relationship to God’s love for us.

Illustrating a plan of restoration from her own life, Sharman brings readers to an understanding of the immense love God has for each of us. In Sharman’s inspiring message of deliverance and restoration, you will be captivated by the simplicity of achieving true success for yourself.